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  1. Sunbeam bed pan is made from high grade virgin plastic specially designed to ease the process and minimize spillage. The contoured shape allows for added comfort and ease of use. The smooth plastic and contoured design are meant to ensure comfort whether needing to go under a patient or being used as a urinal.
  2. EASY TO CLEAN: It can be used directly and then easily cleaned with water and household cleaners. The bed pan can also be used with the bedpan liner.
  3.  CONVENIENT FOR USE: Sunbeam plastic bed pan is conveniently designed with built-in handle for easier placement and removal. Prevents cross contamination.
  4. ERGONOMIC DESIGN: Smaller tapered front end designed to easily slide underneath your body. No need for heavy lifting bedside toilets. great for elderly or convalescents with limited range of motion.
  5. CAN BE USED ANYWHERE: Bedpans can use at home, ideal for use in bed, chair or wheelchair and can also be used as a urinal or bedridden toilet. This is ideal for people with limited mobility, post-operation or bedridden patients. It will accommodate both urinary and faecal discharge all throughout the day.
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• Lightweight 

• Easy to clean 

• Made of High quality virgin plastic 

• Gently tapered for easy placement

Sunbeam bed pan with lid is used by bedridden patients to sanitize personal waste. It is a vital instrument mostly utilized for elderly people who are suffering from age-related problems or patients suffering from prolonged illness and are bed-ridden. This revolutionary tool is invented to reduce the troubles and difficulties faced by bed-ridden patients and old age people. It is made up of the finest quality virgin plastic to ensure the hygiene for the patient.