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1. Provides better grip on any surface our rubber ferrules are made from superior quality natural rubber, and its robust and attractive design provides more stability and extra support

2. Can be used on any walking aid in order to improve their balance or safety while mobilizing independently

3. Protects floor surfaces and the stick the Sunbeam walking stick rubber ferrules protect hard floor surfaces against scratches, hold stick in-place when in use, and eliminate noisy movement of the stick

4. Improves walking sticks grip, firmness and durability the tire grain design of the bottom is more non-slip, providing strong grip, strong drainage, and strong exhaust.

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• Anti-Skid & Anti-static

• Made of Natural Rubber

• Can be used on any Walking Aid

• Available in sizes 16, 19, 22, & 25mm 

High-Performance: The tire grain design of the bottom is more non-slip, providing grip, drainage, and exhaust.

Wear-Resisting: Built-in steel cushion to reinforce the tips. 

Its design is similar to touch the ground at the bottom of a car tire texture shape.

Adhesions, grip performance, exhaust, drainage properties are, effectively ensure the safety of the user walks.