Rubber ice spike

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1. Special crutch ferrule with spikes and protective cap made of rubber  and steel in grey. Available in 16 & 19 mm internal diameters.

2. Material: rubber/steel


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• Anti-Skid & Anti-static

• Made of Natural Rubber

• Can be used on any Walking Aid

• Available in sizes 16 & 19 mm

This crutch ferrule is ideal for a walking stick. Can be used on hard surfaces such as roads, pavements or rocky terrain as well as on uneven or loose surfaces including grass, gravel and sand. The rubber cap provides extra traction to prevent slipping and improve stability. The buffer made of natural rubber in grey protects the stick tip and reduces impact load. The capsule provides a damping effect when walking and prevents annoying noise on hard surfaces. With the special rubber buffer with stainless steel spikes you are safe with your walking stick in winter on ice and snow. With a diameter of 16 or 19 mm, it fits most walking aids. Optimal shape for best swing behaviour, supportive cushioning function and perfect hold of the trekking stick.