Double adjustable elbow crutch with soft feel ergo handle

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1. Handgrips are ergonomically designed so they distribute pressure on palm over a wider area of the hand, improving comfort for individuals with weak grip or painful hands.
2. Light weight (Single - 0.7kg and Pair 1.4kg) aluminium construction is strong, durable and easy to carry.
3. Both cuff and handgrip heights adjust easily and independently by push buttons to accommodate user requirements.
4. Non slip rubber ferrules provide good traction.
5. Supplied in pairs with left and right handed grips.
6. Replacement ferrules are available 22mm.
7. Height Adjust Min. 152cm (5’) to 189cm (6.2’) User Height.
8. Handle height min. 76cm (28”) to 94cm (37”)
9. Weight capacity 160kg

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. High quality aluminium
. Non- slippery rubber ferrules
. Safety lock
. Double Adjustable height

Unique Comfortable Anatomic Hand Grip Design!!
Sunbeam double adjustable elbow crutch soft feel ergo handle is a lightweight stick which gives you an extra grip on hand to stabilise your body weight and walk flawlessly.