Double adjustable elbow crutch with standard handle

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1. Shaft is made from sturdy, yet lightweight aluminium for stability and durability.
2. Both shaft and cuff heights are easily and independently adjustable by push buttons to suit various user requirements.
3. Crutch height adjusts in increments of 2.5cm (1”) for optimal sizing.
4. Latex free, plastic handgrip and moulded cuff offer comfortable, secure support.
5. Slip resistant, grey rubber ferrules provide stability.
6. All surfaces are easy to wipe clean
7. Replacement ferrules are available (22mm).
8. Height Adjust Min. 152cm (5”) to 189cm (6.2”) User Height.
9. Handle height min. 76cm (30”) to 94cm (37”)
10. Weight capacity 160kg  

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. High quality aluminium
. Non- slippery rubber ferrules
. Safety lock
. Double Adjustable height

Sunbeam double adjustable elbow crutch with standard handle is a walking stick which provides sheer comfort to the elbow while walking. It is a suitable product for elderly and persons with injuries. Its height can be adjusted from knees and cuff.